Artron Studios



~ macOS software development specialising in database applications

~ Internet & Network consultancy : Installation and programing of LANs, WANs & Internet sites, Web Design, specialising in online databases

~ Complete computational and audiovisual turnkey systems

~ Document & graphics conversions, storage and management


A selection of projects...



Developing vertical market applications for Time, Job & Document Management.

Environment : HTML, XML, mySQL, FileMaker, JSON, macOS, iOS, MS Windows and others.



Internet projects, specialising in large, interactive databases.

Development and maintenance of many commercial & community websites.

Environment : HTML, Perl, Java, JavaScript, MS Visual FoxPro, mySQL, MediaWiki, Linux, XP, OS X and others.

Languages : English, French, Italian and German.

ARTRON STUDIOS launched the first Australian website directory in 1994, then known as the AAABook, which by 2000 became an ASX listed company called



Consultancy and software engineering for ASSIRT, SEALCORP, and ASGARD Fund Managers, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.

Development of one of the most sophisticated software systems for the Australian financial research industry to date. During a five year period ARTRON STUDIOS developed software which allowed ASSIRT to become the leading research house in the funds-management industry. ASSIRTs client base now include most investment advisers and financial planners, trading banks, accounting firms and stockbrokers.

Furthermore the software generates output which is published in many Australian investment magazines and newspapers incl. the PERSONAL INVESTMENT MAGAZINE, THE BULLETIN, the MONEY MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE, the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, the MELBOURNE AGE and the FIN REVIEW.

ARTRON STUDIOS also performed the data extraction, preparation and layout of ASSIRT books for the financial market incl. THE UNIT TRUST YEARBOOKs, THE SUPERANNUATION & ROLLOVER FUND YEARBOOKs and the quarterly MARKET SHARE REPORTs.

ARTRON STUDIOS installed ASSIRT's Sydney branch Novell network and implemented data translations to and from most Australian fund managers, ASX Sydney and ASX Melbourne.

Environment : VAX Mini, IBM PCs, Apple Macs, Novell Networks, TCP/IP, ISDN, NT, Gupta, Clipper, C++, Foxbase



Lecturing at TAFE-AMTC, eCentral, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre, East Perth, Department for Instructional Multimedia.


Lecturing at TAFE-CENTRAL MET, Central Metropolitan College, Perth, Department for Art & Design

Macintosh & PC

System 7, MS Windows, Authorware Professional, Infini-D, Studio/32, Adobe Photoshop, Aldus Pagemaker, Adobe Freehand, Quark Xpress, Sculpt-3D, Stratavision 3D , Electric Image, Dyna Perspective & Macromind Director.

Silicon Graphics IRIS 4D

Unix, Wavefront, Alias, Softimage & Pixar Renderman



Founding member of the Australian Transputer SIG and research in Parallel Processing at the School of Mathematics and Computing Science, Curtin University, WA.

Environment: Transputers , Occam, C



Incorporation of ARTRON STUDIOS Pty. Ltd.

Artron Studios in Ventnor Ave., West Perth, WA, was the very first Desktop Publishing house in Western Australia.





Consultancy & software engineering for MICROCARE Pty. Ltd., West Perth, WA.

Development of Medical Management and Billing Packages. Both "GPCare" and "DentalCare" won the 1987 Australian Medical Association Software Awards.

Environment : Olivetti Workstations, IBM PCs, Novell Network, Clipper, FilePro 16+



Consultancy & software engineering for LANT PROJECT AND GENERAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES, West Perth, WA and UNITED CONSTRUCTIONS, Kwinana, WA.

Development of real-time project-control software which monitors the entire manufacturing process of pre-assembled parts for the North-West Gas Shelf Project.

Environment : IBM Mini, IBM PCs, Novell Network, Clipper, C



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