Previous Exhibitions Archive

The following exhibitions are the full catalogue of each exhibition. Not all works are for sale. Check the stockroom for artwork for sale.


'KURTAL' by Nyilpirr Spider Snell - presented by Mangkaja Arts. December 3 - 20
'Let's keep our art strong'- Recent work from the Jilamara Artists. Nov 7-29
Wanatunga Jilamara - Women Painting. October
Colin Holt - September/October
Ramey Ramsey - Jirrawun Artists
Jirrawun Jazz - Jirrawun Artists
Peter Newry & Mignonette Jamin -
The colours of Mina Mina -
Mangkaja Women - Fitzroy Crossing
Queenie McKenzie George Wallaby -
Kuturkuni Amintiya Tapulunni - Jilamara Artists
Murrkunkukura Ngarrakarnijanka Ngurrara - Mangkaja Arts - Fitzroy Crossing
Pwoja amintiya Mulpininni - New works from Jilamarra Arts and Crafts
Waterhole - Raft Artspace at GrantPirrie Gallery
Fibre: an exhibition of woven art -


Lorna Naparulla Fencer -
Marrnyula Mununggurr - Yirrkala
Paintings by Nora Wompi & Susie Bootja Bootja - In conjunction with Warlayirti Artists
Water and Stone - Art from Maningrida
Two sisters one country - Paintings by Minnie & Eadie Curtis
Wellspring - Jacki Fleet
Ganangoo Butcher Cherel Imanarra - Mangkaja Arts
Phyllis Thomas - The Escape
Pwoja Jilamarra- New works from Jilamarra Arts and Crafts
Katungka Napanangka - My mother my country
Taykwapi Tiwi (everybody Tiwi) -
Paddy Bedford -
Elizabeth Nyumi PARWALLA
Three Women Ngukkur Way -
Good Colour - Prints from Maningrida Womens Centre
Haast Bluff -
Mary Kanngi -
Peter Adsett -
Ramey Ramsey -
In a Dark Century Dadang Christanto
4 Men - 4 Paintings -